Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OOTD - Girls night out

Here's my outfit for what I would wear on a typical night out with the girls. I haven't been out with the girls in a while so I headed to a close friends house and then out into town for a bit of a dance. As the weather is FREEZING it's more practical to wear jeans and a nice top rather than a dress! Got to be practical now girls :)

The photo's are taken with my best friend Katelin (Left)
 Jacket - Kmart
Top - H&M
Jeans - Topshop (Mine are indigo not blue)
Shoes - Cotton On

Katelin's wearing
Jacket - Topshop 
Top - Topshop (similar style here)
Jeans - Just Jeans

Close up of my sparkly flats
Also true colour of jeans

BFF :)

It's always good to take some time out with old friends, we've been taken photos in front of this door for 15+ years! What do you like to do with your closest friends?

Thanks for reading
-Meredith x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Online shopping wish list

New Zealand's in the middle of horrific weather at the moment and what better to do when your stuck indoors ...... online shop. Here are a few things that I've got my eye on at the minute. 

2. Love print crop tee ASOS NZ $32 (Love the quality of River Island clothing)
3. Spotty denim shirt ASOS NZ $45
4. Costume Jewellery ZARA US $30 (Unfortunately Zara doesn't ship to NZ)
5. Cut out ankle booties Lipstick NZ $120

What do you think about my wish list? What's on yours?

-Meredith x

Monday, 17 June 2013


Being an avid collector of MAC lipsticks I had to get on the blogger hype and see what the Rebel lipstick was all about. To be honest the colour terrified me and still takes me needing a bit of confidence to wear out. The shade is a deep berry purple that suites the winter months perfectly. The lipstick has a satin finish and stays on for a few hours although it does need to be reapplied after eating and drinking unless you like dark berry rings around your lips!

Ahhhhh beautiful packaging, I wonder what could be inside!
MAC lipstick in the colour Rebel

Swatch on my arm

I found that the colour appears darker in the tube than it does when applied. On my skin it compliments the tones and appears less scary than before. It's also more of a berry/ dark pink colour but has the option to be built up with reapplying. 

REBEL on my lips

Overall I love this lipstick for a night out, it has the ability to instantly make you feel sexy! Its a bit of a nightmare to remove as all dark lipsticks are so I recommend a lip liner before application. 

Go grab it from your local MAC counter and give it a try :)

Hi there!

Hi readers,

Welcome to my blog, The Velveteen Girl. I will be posting on beauty, fashion and much more! Thanks for checking it out :)


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Feelin' girly

I've had these two nail polishes sitting in my collection for a while ..... collecting dust. When it comes to polish I tend to gravitate towards darker shades, glitter or holographic. So these pinks aren't usually my go to shade. I haven't purchased a new polish in a while and felt like a change on my fingers when these two caught my eye. It gave me the idea to try them together!
Left; OPI Princesses Rule! Right; Mod About You

Princesses Rule is a sheer pink with tiny silver glitters in it. The constancy is great like most OPI nail polishes and covers the nail after one layer. Mod About You is a pale milky pink. Its extremely opaque and would be fine with just one layer but I prefer two just to build the colour a little bit more. 

The colour combo on my nails

Together they create a girly look which isn't overly flashy like most pinks on the market and still looks classic. I've received quite a few compliments on this pairing as well! What do you think about my nail combo?